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7 Food Items You can’t miss at

Want a taste of the future? Check out the Food Street at Fusionopolis Way! You’ll be spoilt for choice, so here’s 7 recommended food items that you shouldn’t miss! Watch out for hourly $1 deals that will be happening in this event too! Shhhh don’t say we bo jio!

1. Edible Helium Balloon by Rainbow Works

Capture an Instagram-worthy video of yourself eating a helium balloon.
TIPS: Have the time of your life laughing in chipmunk voice or sing like an overgrown baby! It’s your take, no one’s judging!

2. Satay Meatballs in a Bucket by Sofnade

We know that there are so many things to do at the Festival, and there’s not a moment to waste! Enjoy the festival while savouring a bucketful of meatballs drizzled with flavourful satay sauce for a well-fed happy soul. Putting this on the bucket list, literally!

3. Prata Coins with Chilli Crab Meat by Big Street

Why dip mantou in chilli crab sauce when you can try dipping prata coins instead? Indulge in crispy yet chewy prata coins paired with sweet, savoury and spicy chilli crab sauce in this unique fusion of Singapore’s iconic dishes! This dish is not offered in any regular prata store, so be sure not to miss it!

4. Sn-nack Don (Beef) by Fish-nack

Once upon a time, a group of young individuals sharing a passion for fish skin snacks came together to create the ultimate Fish-‘shnack’! Try this delicious snack with the equally delectable beef don topped with an onsen egg!

5. Camping Trip by Churros Republic

Four traditional Spanish churros coated with cinnamon sugar rolled in graham crackers, topped with dark chocolate sauce, served with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and toasted marshmallow. This is a sweet mess you will want to dive right into!

6. Young Jackfruit in Mantou by Hello Baby

Hello Baby is one of the pioneers offering vegan street food. Try out their young Jackfruit in mantou for an interesting spin on your palate!

7. Prawn Paste Enoki Fries by Uncle G’s Handmade

Prawn paste wings, prawn paste burger and… Prawn paste enoki snack? We have an interesting contender! Just imagine tempura enoki but with prawn paste flavour, you should save some space for this crispy snack to munch on!