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It will be held on 8 September 2018.
The race will be held along Fusionopolis Way.
More details will be revealed nearer to the date of the race.
You will be informed of your race timing by email nearer to the date of the race.
The online registration will be opened on 29 April and it will close on 31 July or when all the race slots are fully taken up, whichever is earlier.
You will need to register via the application form here.
Attendees are welcome to watch the race for free. Please take note that they are not allowed to tread on the race tracks at any point pre, during or post-race.
Each Team must have one (1) nominated driver and may have a co-driver. A maximum of two (2) people may actually race in the Event (one driver and two co-drivers).
No. All participants must register as a racer during the registration period to be able to participate in the Soapbox race.
Participants will be able to view the track before the race, however, there would not be any practice runs.
Depending on the weather conditions, JTC Corporation reserves the right to delay, postpone or cancel the race.