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Get PLAYful at RACE.EAT.PLAY @ one-north Festival

Calling all drone enthusiasts! Even if you are a pro, amateur or newbie to drone flying, we have something in store for all of you! Registration opens at 10am and is by walk-in only on the day of the event. Do remember to drop by early to avoid disappointment! Participant must be at least 7 years old to participate in the drone activities.

Singapore First Autonomous Laser Tag Drone Shooting

PLAY with Laser Tag Drone Shooting – shoot down autonomous drones with a laser tag gun and compete your friends to get the highest score. This is the first time in Singapore that autonomous drones will be used for laser tag!

one-north Drone Obstacle Course

A true test of agility and accuracy. There will be a drone cage where you can fly a mini drone through a challenging obstacle course!