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This year, we have amped up the difficulty with new obstacles, judging criteria, and even a new location! Racers will be judged on speed, creativity and showmanship so be sure your team goes all out. There are limited spaces, so hurry, sign up now!

1ST PRIZE: $1500

2ND PRIZE: $1000

3RD PRIZE: $700



Judging Criteria
Criteria Description Points Awarded
Soapbox design

Before the race, judges will judge the soapbox designs on creativity and aesthetics

Max 30 points
Launch & Showmanship

Entertainment value of performance before the race, as well as during the race. Teams may use costumes & props to earn extra points (T&Cs apply)

Max 30 points

To measure time taken to reach X metres from start ramp. Rank scoring system according to number of teams racing.

Max 20 points
Obstacles passed 5 points for each obstacle fully passed

Max 20 points

Total Score

All points will be tabulated to determine the winners

Max 100 points